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Fred C. Worm

Fred the worm is just an "internet character" trying to convey kid's ministry and a love for children through the eyes of a young worm. .Kids view their world differently than adults and I guess worms do too��_.lol. When I was a youngster I used to put worms in my pocket to play with later��_ I forgot about them��_..oh well. If Fred the worm can capture a child's attention or get a chuckle from an adult��_well Fred's face is happy. Thirty five or so years ago Jeff Arnold had Freddy the Frog Many personalities have been portrayed by Puppets of animals Animals can tell stories; God used a donkey to talk. I think on the internet a worm fits.....well sort of...LOL And I am a man having more fun than a man should! God is Great and Kids R Cool Fred the Worm Page Maintained by: Roy Elledge, Assistant Pastor since 1995 I have a patient pastor, Pastor Bart Loyd UPC Vienna, Illinois Shawnee National Forest I used to be my Pastors Youth Pastor in early 80's Fred the worm needed help to type. Besides he gets the keyboard all slimy with worm tracks. Bill Gates would have a fit.


The Oneness of the Godhead (The Mighty God is JESUS)

By Fred C. Worm / yesterday

The Oneness of the Godhead (The Mighty God is JESUS) Need to have items: 1. Bible (could have noted in Bible or just memorize them …lol j/k) 2. One Glove 3. Please wear Long sleeve shirt or Coat (This was hard for such a worm as I) 4. Use as many or few verses as […]

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