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Christy Miller

Being saved at a Mid-Winter youth retreat at age 22, my walk with Lord means everything to me. He has blessed my marriage for 18 years, and my 4 children are nothing less than amazing. I enjoy encouraging my Brothers and Sisters through writing articles that offer support in your christian walk. I always like to say, "We are in this together, let's help each win the race."


The Altar Call

By Christy Miller / 11 months ago

THE ALTAR CALL The week was so long, The battles were rough. I needed my God, His spirit to lift me up. The preacher was done, It was time to pray. It felt so right, To be at the altar that day To reach out to see, If my hand could touch His. To believe […]


Did He Really Say Fast?

By Christy Miller / last year

Did He Really Say Fast? In prayer one night, I felt impressed to go on a three-day fast. With almost a dormant fasting life, I continued in prayer to make sure I had heard correctly. I could barely skip two meals, maybe a whole day if I did nothing to exert myself and went to […]