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Carol Clemans

Carol Clemans is a certified pastoral counselor/Bible teacher,author. She provided this ministry for Pastor Kenneth Haney in Stockton, CA for 10 years. Carol is founder/president of Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. Rev. Dan Batchelor and Rev. Todd Gaddy are on her Board of Directors. When home sells in St. Louis, family will be moving to Loveland, CO. Carol teaches seminars nationwide and provides a phone counseling ministry - (636) 448-0121. Holy Ghost heritage started in 1925.


God Wants You To Love Yourself

By Carol Clemans / a couple of years ago

Did you know God wants you to love you?  You might want to argue with me and say, “No, we are supposed to be humble. Loving yourself is selfish!”  My response, “No it’s not!”  Let’s see what God says to do. I remember Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” He immediately responded, “Hear, […]