A Blind Man Sits


A blind man sits on the wayside
Cannot see a thing
Looks around and tries to
But fails to do so
He wants to look at the sky above him
At the world beneath the sky
He has been blind his whole life
Doesn’t know what other people look like
Can only imagine the faces of his friends
The ones he loves
And still has no clue what they look like
He feels the texture of their face
To memorize their signature
So he knows who they are
Remember how they feel

He goes to the same place
With his can in his hand
Holds it before him
And ask for some alms
Some food to last one more day
Then the next, then the next
And so on, so forth
Has no occupation
Has no job
Relies on other people, for survival
But doesn’t get his one desire
The desire to see for the first time
To stare into someone’s eyes
To remember the color

A crowd of people comes his way
He looks around to see what is going on
But sees darkness
No light is found
More people are coming
Parents and children
He wonders what is happening
Waits to hear more people
And indeed he does
He asks out what is going on
And hears Jesus of Nazareth is coming
Testimonies are being said
Increasing the blind man’s faith
More people are rejoicing
He waits to hear Jesus come near
To remember this one event

Jesus passes by
The blind man cries out
The people shot back at him
The blind man cries out once more
Then again, then again, then again
This stops Jesus in his tracks
And makes him to turn around
And calls the blind man over
Without hesitation
The master speaks and asks
What is his desire
The blind man replies to see
Jesus grants his wish
And the blind man is no longer blind
But has sight
Afterwards, the now seeing man
Follows after the master
He will remember this time

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.