Praying For Our President

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I watched, with pride, the swearing in of our 44th president.  I experienced pride in being a citizen of the greatest country on earth.  Pride in a country that allows each person’s voice to be heard in the form of a vote without coercion and fear.  Pride in the civility of the transfer of power […]

The Potters Wheel

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potters wheel

I have came across several things this morning that have me thinking about the potter and the clay. God spoke to Jeremiah and uses the potter as an example of God molding our lives. If you have ever watched a potter work with clay on a wheel it is amazing. I have had the opportunity […]

Compromise over Sacrifice

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Have you ever had to compromise with someone? Perhaps it was a spat as simple as “to-ma-to” vs. “to-mah-to”…sounds silly, right? But its true…many times our compromises are that trivial…we sometimes just compromise our views to keep the peace with a friend, loved one, or even a spouse. What if our Saviour had compromised…what if […]

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