Elijah Back In Israel

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Elijah The Tishbite #3 ELIJAH BACK IN ISRAEL: Elijah #3 Is A Continuation From Elijah #2. From My Book “Running In The Rain” We find Elijah back in Israel after three and one half years in a foreign country living on the provisions God had supplied to a widow woman. No rain had fallen during […]

Can We Entertain The Traveler Without Cost

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Page Three Of Beware The Traveler 5. CAN WE ENTERTAIN THE TRAVELER OR WAYFARER WITHOUT COST? Romans 6:23. “For the wages of sin is death; …” The moral law of God is just as sure as his physical laws. Anyone who attempts to break the law of gravity will pay the consequences. By the same token the moral […]

The Spirit of Excellence

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The Spirit of Excellence In preparing for my midweek message on last week the Lord directed my study to the Book of Daniel. It seemed that highlighted in the text was this trait attributed to Daniel, that being that he had an excellent spirit. I began to look deeper into this and found that this […]

Defining Moments

I Met God this Morning

Psychologists often debate the theory of nature versus nurture. Do children obtain their moral and psychological fiber through genetics or from their surroundings? I believe that every person has a series of defining moments that shapes their character and belief system. Defining moments are occurrences in our lives that derail us and demand a reaction. […]

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