This Light Must Shine!


Good morning! This morning our hearts go out to friends in Mena, Arkansas who experienced a tornado last night in their town, we are praying for you. Several years ago I was driving from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada to Minot, North Dakota. It was a freezing cold night with the wind kicking up ground blizzards. The […]

It Does Matter

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IT MATTERS! You thought it didn’t matter how you lived your life. You thought no one would see, or they wouldn’t care. But it does make a difference, in how you live, for God sees and knows all that we ever did. You thought you’d always have time, that God would surely wait. You thought […]

Young Lions Sometimes go Hungry!

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young lions sometimes go hungry

Have you noticed the promises of God are conditional? He does not just make promises without expecting something from us. He promises to take care of us, if we follow His Word. Let me give you an example. “O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. […]

Learning From The Life Of Jacob

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Learning From The Life Of Jacob A Study Of The Life Of Jacob (KJV) ~~~~~~~~Contents~~~~~~~~~ 1. Introduction. 2. Jacob before Pharaoh. 3. Why study about Jacob. 4. Jacob’s birth. 5. The heel grabber. 6. The birthright. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction: The experiences of the Saints and Bible Characters, both Godly, and ungodly, are useful guide-posts on the […]

Have You Ever Felt Lonely?

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Did you ever feel rejected?  Did the loneliness ever overwhelm you?   Did you hurt when those you had poured yourself into did not have time for you in your hour of need?  Do you ever wish someone would take the time to call but everyone’s to busy for even a hello?  What went through your […]

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