Been taken for granted?

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taken for granted

Been taken for granted? Been taken for granted? Imagine how God feels. We all have distractions in our everyday lives. God’s people don’t always sing in the midst of trials. There are times that we have to have faith that God will see us through. Many times we have said “God where are you? What […]



“What!” you may be exclaiming: “That is absurd, when can God’s promises hurt?” May I offer a response – when they do not seem to be coming to pass. Think for a moment of the excitement you experience when the Lord gave you a promise. Maybe it is about your job, finances, loved ones or […]

I Have a New Name

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new name

Yesterday a beautiful three year old came out to greet her brother as he got off the bus. She climbed up on the first step, by her mother, looked at me and smiled. Instantly I lost my heart! She asked if she could have a piece of candy too and of course I gave her […]

Who Are We Kidding?


Good morning! How has your week gone? There is a saying that has become very popular recently, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” This is said as if our actions will be secret because we don’t tell. Who do we think we are kidding? “My soul hath kept thy testimonies; and I love them […]

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