My Will Verses Yours

I’ve been running down my own created road
Turning and swaying and stumbling and explode
My sinful actions and my wrong doings
All of which are strongly against Your will
I tend to continue when I still get chills
Down my spine, I feel Your high power still
I don’t know why I still get this feeling
Why You’re still in this insignificant soul
Even though I betray Your high calling will
I take this life and snatch it from Your control
As I run down this lifeless, dry road

Here I am lost without Your will in this life
Artificial peace is the prize from my strife
When all the hurt was caused by my own doings
Been betrayed by my own thoughts and emotions
While drowning in this rising ocean
Filled with negative desires and notions
Lost inside my own little world of one
Brokenness, weakness, failures, pain
All of the above is what I manage to find
When grace is something I can’t obtain
Inside this Christ-absent, empty, dry life

Been flipping swiftly through Your love letter
I start to think my life will soon get better
Erased all of the empty, hopeless dreams
And You replaced those dreams with Your holy grace
Telling me one day I will see You face to face
I grasp this moment and cling to Your embrace
I pick up and dust off Your gift called faith
Turned back around, heading towards Your direction
Leaving my past and sins I’ve committed behind
Finding myself at Your feet lost in Your protection
With me reading Your life-saving love letter

On the rooftops I will shout out Your name
Because You’ve saved me and took away my shame
Molded me from clay and breathed in Your breath of life
Rain down Your spirit and saturate me with it
Tell me what to do and I will gladly submit
But some times I won’t, I will sadly admit
Sacrificing Your own life so I can live
But knowingly, there is nothing I can do
Nothing my hands can do to pay You back
But You still make my life stainless, brand new
Because I gave my will and called on Your Name

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.