Fighting For the Cause

fighting for the cause

Fighting For the Cause

As long as there is breath in our bodies we have hope. Hope is a good resource; it helps us store up for the next battle. The definition of hope is: to cherish a desire with anticipation. (Merriam-Webster)  When we equip ourselves with the proper tools we can win. With the proper tools in the natural sense a lot of buildings, skyscrapers, and monuments wouldn’t have been built without someone using the tools of the trade to build them. The Virginia War Memorial is a shrine of the memory of all those who had died in the World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf. There are a total of eleven thousand six hundred and thirty-four names engraved onto stone and glass walls of all those who died as an end result of the World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf.   In World War II the total of lives lost were nine-thousand three hundred and ninety-eight, The Korea War lost eight-hundred and fifty, The Vietnam War one-thousand three hundred and seventy-nine, and the Persian Gulf War lost lives of seven. These names are alphabetically positioned first by the cities and counties in Virginia where they lived. Many of us faced many hard knocks, troubles, and heartaches. Some of the past conditions have left us at a standstill. It’s as though it immobilizes us, our pickup and go just left our bodies. We can’t change the past, we have to press onward. It has touched my heart that all these men and women fought for our freedom. This should make us more aware that we need to do all we can for the Lord. Reach all we can, keep the faith; so our names will be engraved in that Book of Life and Heaven will be our reward. Stay Strong Friends!

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Lynne Conley

Our words can be a motivator, whether we realize it or not, whether you mean to or not. Our words can bring life. My life consists of working full-time at a pharmaceutical company and teaching Sunday school (Kindergarten class). My desire is to encourage others. My writings aren't fancy words, but they are from the Lord. So many people are hurting, and I want to help all I can while I am still alive. My passion is for elderly people and those who are shut-ins.