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Martin�۪s passion is to see the kingdom of God manifested in the lives of each believer. In his 13 years as a pastor, he has experienced the transformation from traditional Christianity to kingdom illumination. During this time, he has seen the Jesus manifest his power and presence is mighty ways. Today, he is challenging the traditional paradigm of church, enlightening the body of believers to the potential that lies within them. www.martinschmaltz.com www.twitter.com/martinschmaltz


Do People Look At You Strange? Are You a Gaijin?

By Martin Schmaltz / a couple of years ago

When I minister in other countries, there is this barely perceptible, but yet real emotional maybe psychological thing that happens when I return home.  It seems that when I arrive back at the first major U.S. airport, there is this sigh and relaxation that passes through me. As I am making my way to immigrations, […]

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