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Christine Carney

I am first generation Pentecost. Baptized in Jesus�۪ name and filled with the Holy Ghost on June 5, 1987 at 10:10pm! I'm a wife, mom, nurse, massage practitioner and above all: a Christian. I'm actively involved with my church in helps of hospitality and service. I attend the awesome and on-fire Galloway Apostolic Church in Galloway, Ohio, Pastor Glenn Palmer.


“Blended Family” Is An Oxymoron

By Christine Carney / last month

In the early 1970’s, a group of evil masterminds-NO! A close-knit, money-grubbing, over-educated family of psychiatrists, psychologists and LISW’s had a brilliant idea.  In order to maintain their job security, they needed to secure a client base of returning customers. Since divorce was on the rise, these brilliant beacons of psycho-enlightenment decided to place a pretty little bow on the […]


Ya Wanna Dip (in the lake of fire) with THAT Chip?

By Christine Carney / a couple of months ago

Recently, Rich was home on a Sunday and bought the local paper. He took out the important reading material: ads and comics, and tossed the rest aside. I grabbed up the unwanted remnants. “AAhhhh, that’s my man!” I thought, “We blend.” In the waste pile, I found a half-page article on microchipping humans. The graphic art for […]


Knock-off Truth

By Christine Carney / a few months ago

Satan is the original knockoff aficionado. His cheap version of Truth has been around since the beginning of time. It’s an evil mixture of knowledge and pride. The slick and subtle lies of Hell are laced with the sweetness of the truths of Heaven. Satan’s imitation resembles the original because he lived with the Father. […]


Crazy People Know Jesus!

By Christine Carney / a couple of years ago

I work in a Community Psychiatric Clinic. I have a client roster of about 300 people. In the teams that I serve, there are those who have bipolar, major depressive and borderline personality disorder. But, the majority of clients are diagnosed with schizophrenia. I also see a garden variety of demon/spirit oppression/possession. One morning, I had […]