Elijah And The God of Ekron

By James Thornton / a few months ago

Elijah And The God Of Ekron #7 This study of the life of Elijah begins after the account of Ahab’s death and burial, and the manner in which the dogs of Samaria fulfilled the prophecy of Elijah. (1 Kings 22:37-38) 2 Kings 1:40. So Ahab slept with his fathers; and Ahaziah his son reigned in […]


The Eye of the Beholder

By Holly Settles / a few months ago

Many years ago, I went through a personal battle of self-will and finding “my own way” in life.  I was raised in church, but came to a point where I found myself in a state of rebellion and bitterness.  I was an angry 18 year old girl, trying to figure out my place.  I made […]


Temptation Ahead

By Susan Niswonger / a few months ago

It was one of those beautiful autumn days that you just have to take advantage of, especially if you live in Michigan.  You can ignore the signs, pretend it won’t happen this year, continue wearing summery clothes and refuse to turn on the furnace until November, but deep down inside you know winter is on […]


When It’s Right to Suffer Wrong

By Sheri Boulet / 6 months ago

When It’s Right to Suffer Wrong My Pastor preached a wonderful message from Psalm 69 titled “The Zeal of Thine House” from verse 9. It spoke right to me, as usual. I am afraid I have been *accused* of being over-zealous in my relationship with God. So, just to set the record straight… I am. […]



By Susan Niswonger / 6 months ago

Yes, I stayed up last night to watch the ball drop in Times Square, welcome in the New Year and share the first kiss of 2016 with my sweetheart.  This morning I awoke to the real start of the New Year.  The time for excuses is over and the future is now!  I have suddenly […]



By Susan Niswonger / 6 months ago

It all started in The Garden.   God had commanded Adam who instructed Eve that the tree in the middle of the garden was off limits.  Eve approached the tree, looked longingly at the forbidden fruit and wondered “what if?”  Satan, who never misses an opportunity, begin to persuade Eve that God hadn’t really meant what […]


Dancing in the Spirit

By Debra Jones / 6 months ago

Dancing in the Spirit I am broken laying at your feet Listening to the rhythm of the music in my head My humble soul cries out to you Without utterance from my lips Tears flow like rivers, running down my face My heart is pained beyond comprehension My body resists movement planted firmly in place […]


Another Day

By Don Doran / 6 months ago

Good morning. I have been ill for a few days but am now back in the land of the living. Each morning on my bus route I get to enjoy the sun rise, that is about the only thing to enjoy that early in the morning. The bus is quiet. My assistants are catching last […]


Check the Madness

By Steven Lewis / 6 months ago

If you listen to the topics of today it all spells doom, doom, and more doom.  The reason it spells it so loud and clear is because the evil that runs free on this Earth has made it where they are scared about everything.  I wrote this article Check the Madness because people need to be […]


Save The Leftovers

By James Thornton / 6 months ago

SAVE THE LEFTOVERS: Matthew 14:20: And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full. Though the people had gotten a meal in a marvelous way, they were not very thoughtful about the marvel. They ate till they had enough, and then flung the residue away. […]