In Enemy Territory

By James Mitchell / a couple of years ago

In Enemy Territory I recently preached a message that would change me. Funny I know, I preached it and it changed me. But I recently preached a message titled ‘In Enemy Territory’. I just wanted to share with everyone a little bit of this message that God laid on my heart and really moved on […]


Defining Moments (Part Two)

By David Green / a couple of years ago

In this day and age some people’s ‘moments’ may take place even before they even take their first breath. With the pollution, toxins, and addictions that have overtaken the land, could it be possible that a child’s life has been shaped in the womb? Today there are babies that are born already addicted to the […]


The Office Of A Deacon

By James Thornton / a couple of years ago

Office Of A Deacon By James and Mary Lee Thornton In this study, we would like to discuss the Bible plan for Deacons (church board) in the New Testament Church. It means something to be a Deacon: This is because it is one of the four Bible offices mentioned in the New Testament Church. For […]


A Spiritual Heart Transplant

By Lynne Conley / a couple of years ago

A Spiritual Heart Transplant Grace!  The bank gives us a grace period.  The seedy politician falls from grace. Musicians speak of a grace note.  We use the word for hospitals, baby girls, kings and pre-meal prayers.  We talk as though we know what grace means. You turn the page of your Bible and look at […]


Speak Today

By Deborah Hooper / a couple of years ago

Speak Today You passed me today, On your way somewhere. You noticed I was hurting. You were touched by my despair. I saw you pause and look my way. I could see you hesitate. But you walked on without a word; A busy day, no time to wait. If only you knew what you’d have […]


King Of All Days

By Steven Lewis / a couple of years ago

King Of All Days Rom 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” In Nov of 2008, we had a President elected into office that many were skeptic about but much more were applauding, and as much […]


Sight for Sore Eyes

By Don Doran / a couple of years ago

Sight for Sore Eyes When I was young I loved to spend time at my uncle’s house. They lived in the country and it was wonderful. We would drive home from town at night and someone would say, “See all of the deer?” I would look out into the dark fields and wonder where are […]


Know Where You Are Going?

By Susan Niswonger / a couple of years ago

Know Where You Are Going? The day finally arrives.  The day you have planned for and dreamed about for months; the adventure of a lifetime.  Your luggage is packed, the car has received an oil change, the tires have been checked and the gas tank is full.  You get behind the wheel, turn the key, […]


Defined as Rational By the Irrational

By Steven Sargeant / a couple of years ago

Defined as Rational By the Irrational What would have been seen as an irrational act 20 years ago is now seen as something that is rational now.  The world as some knew it ‘back in the day’ seems to have changed oh so much in just these few short years.  Men and women of all […]



By Martin Schmaltz / a couple of years ago

Suppose it is lunchtime and you are starving: you enter your favorite sandwich shop and place your order for that super deluxe dagwood special. As your sandwich arrives, you immediately realize something is wrong: the first clue – you are looking down at a pile of lettuce, no apparent bread. Upon closer examination you notice […]