Are You Ready

By / a couple of months ago

Have you ever watched one of those doomsday shows? They are usually about people who are preparing for Armageddon to happen and they are storing up all of the supplies and building shelters. They even have a name; “Preppers.” As a Christian, we don’t need to go to this extreme, but we do need to train ourselves to be ready for the end times. Are you ready?


Green Things

By Nathaniel Richards / a couple of months ago

Green Things There were the flowers. There were the trees.There was the grass, water, and the soil. But the very soil of this earth had no people, nor any beasts. All that inhabited its plains of soil were the green things. And even the wisest of the trees did not know what its calling was. […]


3000 Days

By Ginger R / a couple of months ago

I did the silliest thing tonight. I dug out the old box of mom’s clothes. I don’t even think that anyone else thought to gather any of her clothes. We were all still in that dreamlike state of shock 3000 days ago when she left us. 3000 days later I can finally open that box […]


” Mind Your Own Business”

By Lynne Conley / a couple of months ago

‘’ Mind Your Own Business’’ Scripture Text:   But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters. (1st Peter 4:15 KJV) We all influence people every day of our lives.  What kind of influence are we having on people? A […]


What in the World is going on?

By Joey Boneski / a couple of months ago

I asked myself this question recently while listening to the news on a local radio station. There were reports of wars, robberies, gay marriage, the presidential campaigns and high gas prices. I became frustrated with the lack of an explanation due to time restraints on the radio so I picked up my newspaper in hopes […]


Discouragement, Confusion, And A Touch Of Loneliness

By James Mitchell / a few months ago

Discouragement, Confusion, and a touch of Loneliness This is just a blog. I’ve not tried to really write a real blog and I’ve more focused my direction of writing to articles about Christian living. I thought I might just vent for a second in a blog. I’m James Mitchell, I’m 22 years old about to […]


What Are You Living For

By / a few months ago

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it your job? Maybe, it’s an obligation like getting the kids ready for school? Have you ever asked yourself what you are living for? If we call ourselves a Christian, the Apostle Paul tells us that whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.



By Martin Schmaltz / a few months ago

Much is being said today about “the apostolic.” There are those who believe a restoration of “the apostolic” is necessary. Various views of what apostolic means include: a succession of leadership traceable back to Peter, a particular doctrine instructed by the apostles or a particular church organizational structure with an individual in leadership, calling themselves […]


Potential Garbage or Garbage with Potential

By Susan Niswonger / a few months ago

Potential Garbage or Garbage with Potential Do you have friends that are avid recyclers, garage sale junkies or maybe just pack rats?  I once read a story about a “pack rat.”  She had accumulated so much “stuff” that it took a bulldozer to move her treasures to allow the EMT to reach her dead body.  […]


Unlikely Heroes

By / a few months ago

Much is written about King David and his mighty men’s exploits. David conquered Goliath, other ones took on a thousand men by themselves and defeated them, others took on a bear. We look up to these men but did you know that they didn’t start that way. These men came to David broken and down on their luck and became unlikely heroes. If you are feeling down today be encouraged by what God did in this group.